Johnny Mundo AKA Johnny Impact – GFW Media Call

The former John Morrison now known as Johnny Impact / Mundo was the guest on this week’s GFW Media Call! Johnny talked a plethora of subjects including the Sexy Star incident at Triplemania, join GFW, Lucha Underground and so much more!

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Outro Cred:  Southpaw


TJ Perkins FKA Manik

TJPERKINSCWCFresh off his release from TNA Impact Wrestling, TJ Perkins joins Tony to talk wrestling! The Former Manik/Suicide spoke about evolving the Manik character into his own thing, training at the LA NJPW Dojo in his early teens and washing a legend’s back once he got to Japan!

TJ Perkins is an awesome guy, and you are ordered to say him to him on twitter: @MaskaraManik


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